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josh the juggler circus sideshow

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up coming shows

these are up coming events josh the juggler will be attending

2007 season
advanced booking for 2008 is avaliable

                                      Upcoming show for 2006
on tour with sideshow from march to january 8
 SIDESHOW  in austin                      march  11/ thru 25  Austin TX
from march to may1 tour with sideshow will post  locations
Amana Colonies  Renn Fest      May  5/6/7               Amana  IA
Nebraska Renn Fest                  May  27/28/29          by Omaha NE
Des Moines renn fest          sept 3/4/5             Des Moines  IA
Des Moines renn fest          sept 9/10               Des Moines  IA
Des Moines renn fest          sept  16/17           Des Moines  IA
 also be sure to check out the  festivals website for more info
                                           MORE  TBA

       past shows 2006
feb  11      hilton hotel usbank party           oshkosh wi   
   past shows2005
july-- 13/16  utah midsummer renn faire        cedar city utah
july-- 22/23/24   Rivercade ren faire                Souix City Iowa
aug--13        charity event                            Port Washington Wi
aug---20/21   Belle Plaines fun days              Belle Plaine Iowa
sept--3/4/5/    Amana colonies ren faire         Des Moises Iowa
sept-- 10      Hawthorn hollow                      Kenosha   Wi
sept 17/18      Nodaway ren faire                  Nodaway  Iowa
sept--30 oct--1/2  Riverssance                      Souix City Iowa      
oct---8/9/10  4 Kingdoms ren faire                 Rock Island  Illinois
dec  -----3      christmas fest                       Clear Lake Iowa
dec----10     Oshkosh Country Club             Oshkosh Wi